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For individuals

Check icon5,000 words one time
Check icon1 translated language
Key Features
Check iconAdd 153 currencies
Check iconEdit translation
Check iconShopify apps translation
Check iconCustomize Switcher
Check iconGobal Search
Check iconShopify payment integration


For small teams

Check icon30,000 words/month
Check icon5 translated languages
Everything in Free, plus
Check iconMultilingual SEO
Check iconAuto switch Currency
Check iconGlossary
Check iconImage translation
Check iconExport & Import


For growthing companies

Check icon80,000 words/month
Check icon20 translated languages
Everything in Starter, plus
Check iconAuto update translation
Check iconAuto switch Language
Check iconVisual Editor
Check iconImage translation
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Translation word quota

Aside from the free plan have a permanent quota; all others reset monthly. For the Premuim Plan, The monthly fixed credits is 300,000, with the option to purchase additional quota at 9.9 yuan per 30,000, up to a maximum of 3,000,000 per month.

5000 words one time 30,000 words/month 80,000 words/month 300,000+ words/month
Translated Languages

Maximum number of languages you can translate your website into. Your original language doesn’t count.

1 5 20 20
Currency 153 153 153 153
Aditionnal words purchase

For Premium Plan, Once your monthly 300,000-word quota is exhausted, you have option to purchase more at $9.90 for every 30,000 words, with a cap of 3,000,000 words per month.

$9.90/30,000 words
Edit translation
Shopify apps translation

Tranlate other Shopify apps like PageFly, Parcel panel, etc.

Gobal Search

Quickly find the words that need to be revised and corrected

Customize Switcher

Customize the position and style of the Switcher to match your store’s theme.

Multilingual SEO

Translate meta tags, description tags. Provide unique URLs for each language to ensure your store is easy to find on search engine.


Define and add terms, brand, and product name to multilingual glossary.

Export & Import

Export to Excel for translation structure editing, then re-import the refined translations.

Backup & Restore

Backup your translations and restore to previous versions in a single step.

Visual Editor

Edit and refine translation results directly in your store’s preview, with the ability to translate elements like cookies pop-ups, etc

Auto update translation

Once enabled, new or updated products and collections in Shopify will be automatically machine-translated. Other content will sync daily at a scheduled time and then be automatically translated.

Auto swith Language

The language can automatically switch based on your customer’s browser language or IP address.

Image Translation

Replace product and collection images to match for each language version

Shopify payment integration

With Shopify Payments and all target currencies enabled, your customers can pay in their local currency directly at checkout

Auto switch Currency

The currency will automatically switch based on your customer’s IP address.

Currency rounding

Prices can be automatically rounded for a consistent display.

Custom currency rates
Cart notification

Once enabling, when customers enter cart page, they will be shown a prompt informing that they will be checking out in the default currency. Typically used by stores that do not integrate Shopify Payments.

Support & services
Email & live chat
Translation history

The modified translation content will be saved to the cloud for easy querying and replacement. Up to 5 records will be stored.

Priority Technical Support

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